Creature Design: Arctic Demon


Arctic Demon


Find a youtube video of any form of phenomenon  and create a creature based on the video.  I picked “Ice Tsunami” (


An Angel is tempted by a demon and falls into its trap.  Once captured, the demon breaks off one of the angel’s wings and chains her arms to the other wing.  A painful contraption is placed on her eyes so she won’t be able to see, free herself or fly back to heaven.  Then she is shackled to two demonic monsters of the ocean below.  These monsters are the only mean for her to “see” and “move”.   Eventually, she loses all hope and becomes one of the demons who rules the arctic.  Every time when monsters move, the chains pull both the monsters’ flesh  and angel’s neck inflicting much pain and hatred towards each other.  This perpetual pain serves as a cyclical reminder and a fuel for her self-hatred, anger and bitterness, which becomes the ultimate fury that freezes and kills everything on her path…