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Environment Design: Final Project

  It’s the final departure. The sun is finally setting and now they are embarking on a new journey to look for a new but unknown tomorrow.  While the last batch of “chosen” ones are  anxious to aboard the ship, a small group of privileged nobles are desperately but ineffectively trying to negotiate and bribe–concepts they […]

Vehicle Design: Final Project

This gallery contains 10 photos.

  The vehicles are depicted above are recreational sports vehicles, sort like jet ski in the air.  I imagine them bering rented out at outdoorsy places.  People who are more adventurous will take the green vehicle(2kn) while people who wants an easy ride will take the red one (Kestrel).  As far as the artistic style […]

Vehicle Design: Assorted Vehicles

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This week’s assignment was to draw any types of vehicles.  I decided to have some fun and not care so much about the real world applications.  For example, when would you ever need three different vehicles (a tank, airplane, and a submarine) that combines into a big vehicle….???  Probably never…  Nonetheless, it was fun to […]