VisCom2 Final Project: From Conception to Finish

20130312_105331 20130312_104144

For my final project, I had two candidates:  a vehicle (car looking vehicle in the first pic) or a robot (created via experimental method with Chris’s help).  I thought the vehicle was more relevant to the course material we have been learning (more drafty and perspective driven), but the instructor encouraged us to do something we are drawn to.  Obviously the robot won!

While the experimental drawing is very fun, a lot of things are out of your control since you have to work with what comes out of the paint splashes.  In the drawing above, you can see that the angle of the right arm is rather awkward, so I took the drawing and did some further studies in terms of composition, detailing, proportions, etc.


Since the robot had the Egyptian and retro si-fi look, I tried to accentuation both elements, but ended up with what looks like a Darth Vader robot.  I liked the scale of the robot and the overall direction, but didn’t like some of the details I put in and the posture.  Although the robot’s movement is more natural (balanced center of gravity, contrapposto, feet placement, line of action, etc.), I felt like it was loosing some of the retro si-fi characteristics where the robot’s movement is much more stiff and awkward. For my final drawing, I’ve decided to bring back some of the elements I lost in my second drawing, tone down the decorative mechanic elements and add waist joint.  And here it is: